Welcome to Castle Vorden

We, Karin de Rouw and Joseph Hoenen, live here in this beautiful 12th century castleIts square medieval fortified residential tower (donjon) and the vaults are part of that medieval construction.

Together we work hard to make the castle the most romantic privately owned castle in the Netherlands. It is our home and we hope to welcome you also one day here so that you can enjoy the charm of the castle and its art collection as much as I do.

Wander through our authentically and stylishly furnished rooms, secret passages, towers and vaults. Admire the beautiful antique furniture, paintings, sculptures, carvings, porcelain, etc. from the 17-19e century. For example, in the Red Room you find a round table (17e century) donated in 1987by (at that time) Proncess Beatrix. Fresh flowers and plants decorations complete the cozy homely feel. Fresh flowers and plants decorations complement the cozy homely feel.

Besides inside the castle, you can sit and relax also inside our restaurant ’t Kasteelhaantje or outside on the terrace with a beautiful view on the surrounding meadows and forests.
When you would like to sleep, we can welcome you in our large guest rooms, which are accessible via the medieval sandstone spiral staircase. All rooms have a luxurious atmosphere with authentic furnishings among others, a canopy bed and a private bathroom equipped with all comforts. All rooms have a stunning view on the surrounding forest and pastures.
Next to the castle, you can eat and relax inside our restaurant ’t Kasteelhaantje or use the outdoor seating area with a beautiful view of the surrounding meadows and forests.

Be amazed by the seasonal beauty of our flowers and plants. In spring, the gardens and woods come to life with stinzen plants and bulbs typical for a castle forest. Summer overwhelms visitors with colours and scents and in autumn the park experiences an impressive transformation.
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