Beach House Kenya

A beach house (room for about 10 people), with a swimming pool and staff) with an overwhelming view and access to the warm Indian Ocean.

For enthusiasts we also have a beach house on Vipingo’s Bureni Beach (Kenya) on the Indian Ocean. The beach house is located in a 0.65 hectare tropical garden, numbers 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 2 en suite and one half-open in the outdoors. Experiencing a bath or shower underneath the tropical sky is a must. The upstairs includes a huge terrace with even better views (400m) of the beach, the ocean and the hinterland.

The house has a courtyard with a huge pond, which shows up as an aquarium with hundreds of tropical fish in the living room through glass walls (great for kids). From the large living room, you walk out onto a large and cool terrace overlooking the beach and the azure ocean. Palm trees and other plants such as bougainvilleas create a tropical ambience. From the terrace you can simply walk into the palm-fringed pool or go down via a stone staircase (20 steps) to the wide white beach. Straight from the beach is a coral reef with an amazing array of tropical fish in all sizes and colours, sea snails, shells, starfish, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, etc. An osprey pair catches its fish twice a day in front of the house. The beach in front of the house is also a recognized turtle nesting area. Together with the neighbours and fishermen from the neighbouring village, a conservation project was initiated for turtles and coral. Between August and October it is likely that you will see groups of whales (even up close).

At a mere 2 km distance there is an international, luxury golf course and – if required – it is possible to organise all kinds of activities such as (scuba) diving, sea fishing, Dhow cruises, visit to a wildlife parks (the Tsavo East Park is located at a 30 km distance), etc.

The beach house rental ranges from USD 260, – to USD 380,- per night depending on the season (including a cook, housekeeper and gardener). Transport can be rented from the airport in Mombasa (€ 30, – per day). Food and drink can be bought easily from nearby smaller or larger supermarkets. The cook can advise on this.