About us

We, Karin de Rouw and Joseph Hoenen, enjoy working hard to make our dreams come through. For Karin this was the moment to have her own charming castle: Castle Vorden and decorate it as if she is the descendent of a aristocratic family. For Joseph (Jos) it is to build houses on 2 magnificent spots in Kenya. One on the beach, the Red House, with a sandy beach and a real Coral Reef in front of it. The other one in the Conservancies adjoining the famous Masai Mara, the Aitong Crater House. We also like to contribute to the welfare of the communities around our “Houses”. For example, Joseph has been one of the founders of the Bureni Conservation Community based Organization (BCCBO) that combines the efforts of the Bureni fishing community with that of the beach house owners to achieve wht both wants, namely the protection of the coral reef.